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ChemMedChem: Jun 2013 EMBO J: Feb 2015 NeuroPharmacol: Oct 2015

Binding of a novel 5-HT3 receptor ligand. We have used fragment-based drug discovery, coupled with medicinal chamistry and structure-activity relationships, to identify a class of ligands with subtype selectivity at 5-HT3A and 5-HT3AB receptors. Quinoxalines bind at the orthosteric site located between two adjacent 5-HT3 subunits. Through modifications to the functional groups at the R1, R2 and R3 positions, we probed the ability of these ligands to distinguish receptor subtypes.

Sand Dunes & Clay - The Sossusvlei, Namibia's famous highligit in the heart of the Namib Desert, is a huge clay pan enclosed by giant sand dunes. Some of the spectacular hills of sand are, at a height of 300 metres, the highest in the worlld. Only after a heavy rainfall, which is a rare vent in this area, does the vlei fill with water.

Single cell fluorescence. We now often see reference to fluorescent tags, labels or probes and read about the development of new methods for scrutinising fluorescent signals. Significant technical advances in fluorescence microscopy combined with the development of novel bright and photostable fluorescent dyes have made it possible to break the diffraction resolution limit. Live-cell super-resolution microscopy has opened an exciting new door in bioimaging and will undoubtedly provide unprecedented insights into cellular processes in the future.